Soft Collections

As part of giving quality practice management service, ACP Medical Billing and Coding can take over soft collections and assumes responsibility in contacting involved parties to keep track of lagging payment.

Organizing delinquent accounts without risking your relationship with patients is essential in keeping them. Our experts are trained how to handle calls, fix misunderstanding, clarify account balance, resolve disputes, explain all payment options, and confirm debts. Tact is needed to maintain your office’s image when pursuing debts. With ACP Medical Billing and Coding, you need not stress yourself on ways how to handle medical collections.

How is this achieved?

ACP Medical Billing and Coding complies with all FCRA guidelines. Making telephone calls to patients, insurance companies, guarantors, attorneys, etc. is taken to verify statement received by the patient. Then, a constant reminder is given so that patients will understand that non-payment is financially and legally unhealthy. Suitable payment arrangements will be arranged so as to avoid debt. The process can be long.

When you want to succeed in your practice, dealing with the soft collection is necessary. However, you don’t need to do it yourself. Let ACP Medical Billing and Coding handle all the hassle!

To increase cash flow, the following services are offered to you:

• Handling of all your patients’ accounts
• Application of diplomatic measures to handle debtors
• Providing updates on current debt status
• Reduction of delinquencies
• Engaging in comprehensive debt collection process using exceptional negotiating skills