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Medical Billing   October 5, 2020


If you are running a rehab or a medical practice, physician credentialing is an important and a mandatory process to avoid malpractices, claim rejections and many more difficulties that one faces with the officials. Credentialing, is a Work process, involving the collection of data, verification of the collected data, submitting the same to the licensing authority and evaluating the whole process. Although it is a crucial process to any clinical practice, it can take a whole lot of time to complete. By availing the benefits of a physician credentialing service, it can make the process swift and efficient.

  • Typically, every insurance panel has hiked up their credentials list to ensure efficient practices in claim processing. What this means is extra work for the clinics and health care organizations to ensure the credentialing is done according to the framework provided. Since an outsourcing Partner is adept at dealing with Physician credentialing, and know the frequent challenges and changes in the system, they can help you with Credentialing and they do it with ease.
  • I’ll tell you why Outsourcing physician credentialing can prove beneficial to your business-
    1. Helps Maintaining Accuracy–

Credentialing is no joke its serious business, with great detailing to be done by an expert. Any mistakes can create wastage of time, and can also be detrimental to the clinical processes in the future. Outsourcing it to a team of experienced experts who deal with it day in and day out can save errors and bring in accuracy.

    2. Helps in saving time and effort-

Credentialing, is a time-consuming business. With the Affordable Care Act, several more people are getting enrolled in the insurance system, and thereby more physician enrollment applications are coming in. This means more time for processing applications, and completion of procedures, not to forget the time consumed for collecting all information. Outsourcing it would save your hours, which you can put into use for building your business.

    3. Helps in cost reduction–

Outsourcing physician credentialing has been found to save up to 40% of the operational costs. This cost excludes those which might be spent on delays in the procedure, or error corrections.

Medical Billing

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