Physician Services

Are you starting to experience problems with the collection of your bills? If yes, then you should consider outsourcing billing to a medical billing service like that of ACP Billing Services.

ACP Billing Services role as your partner is simple. You pay for a charge to cover every step of your billing process, and we take everything from there so that you can focus on your practice. You’ll have improved cash flow and peace of mind. You no longer need to worry whether you’re paying correctly and promptly.

Say goodbye to your billing problems!

Physician billing services offered by ACP Billing Services will eliminate all the problems you have in your practice with regards billing. Our team of experts will handle all collections, insurance, and compensations. Here’s what we do:

• Work with the medical billing software used in your practice
• Store your EOBs, patient charges, and medical records daily
• Resolve missing data
• Send e-mails to reduce rejected claims

You can outsource medical billing and partner with us. That way, you no longer need to leave your patients and attend to your bills. ACP Billing Services will make sure that you have them all paid in time. Make great progress in your field and let ACP Billing Services do the work for you!