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Medical Coding   October 5, 2020


Special challenges come to light when it comes to coding for a cardiology practice.

The accuracy and speed of coders in transcribing physician’s notes are in question is, if there is a failure in doing the same has the potential to affect patient outcomes and reimbursements which can have serious repercussions. The following factors below will help to optimize coding in a cardiology practice.

Automate Where You Can

To err is human and human error is the greatest enemy in terms of accuracy when it comes to coding. This happens while trying to manually record long codes with both numbers and letters, and it’s easy to make mistakes than can lead to claim denials or incorrect reimbursements. It is best to automate coding wherever you can and try to eliminate the need for repeated data entries.

Make Sure Your Coding Knowledge Is Current

Most medical coding and billing software updates automatically to reflect the most current coding guidelines. It can get extremely tough if there are office staff who are trying to stay updated with the help of books and the internet however, being sure that the most updated books are available on hand to review and stay up to date.

Don’t Skimp On the Documentation

Incorrect documentation of a patient’s visits could completely alter the code entered and the reimbursement that’s ultimately paid. It is always better to document more than less when in doubt.

From the time taken during a patients visit any procedures or examinations that are performed, and any conditions that are present should be noted every time.

Use the Most Specific Codes Possible

Coding today has become very specific for the same condition with slight variations there can be an excess amount of codes. Reviewing the documentation taken during the visit and carefully match the appropriate code in order to get an accurate code it is advisable to use a diagnosis rather than a symptom.

Establish Multiple Check Points

Having a rigid and multi structure quality checking procedures helps to spot errors it’s good practice to have doctors, nurses, and those doing the billing and coding all double checking documentation and coding which, can help eliminate the chances of errors or that a non-specific code that can be made more specific will go unchanged. Having different people review random codes at certain times will ensure deliver greater accuracy.

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