Offshore Billing Company

Setting up an offshore company or relocating your business in the US will not be an easy feat. However, with ACP Billing Services, you can take advantage of the service model that makes use of US-based accounts and managers who will speak with your chosen providers for you.

ACP Billing Services offers customized packages and solutions to meet unique healthcare organizations or physicians’ needs. When you’re registering as a US offshore company, you can use these services in lesser price as you’ll have a tax advantage.

A lot of quality services await you in ACP Billing Services!

Our team is dedicated to providing efficient and effective revenue cycle so as to maintain or improve your financial health. The following services are offered:
• Setting up demographic
• Supporting your credentials
• Verifying your eligibility
• Preparing your claims
• Connecting you to payers
• Processing EOB and ERA
• Resolving denials
• Collecting debts and reducing delinquents
• Giving updated reports
• Managing patient statements

ACP Billing Services won’t let you down.

With ACP Billing Services, you’ll have world-class experts and services on your hands. As your solution partner, your goals are our goals, too. We achieve them by giving trusted US-based customer service, integrating EMR and Practice Management System, and helping you cut up to 70% of your operation cost. Give us a call now and we’ll discuss your healthcare organization’s needs.