What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding is used to transform healthcare procedures, diagnosis, equipment, and services into a universal alphanumeric code. The codes will be taken from medical records, physician’s notes, and laboratory results.

You don’t have to do it yourself!

Doing your own medical coding is both time consuming and energy draining. If you’ve been in practice long enough, you’ll realize that it’s better to find a trusted partner to do the job for you.

Whether you need a remote or on-site service, short-term or long-term projects, ACP Billing Services credentialed experts will help you solve all coding challenges. Abstracting information and assigning codes to organize your claims are what our team is trained for. Aiming to provide excellent coding services to increase receivables, our expertise cover any type of healthcare organization.


ACP Billing Services is a dedicated team

Our team is known to have:
• Firm commitment to quality customer service
• Experienced, credentialed, and reliable coders that keep revenue cycle run smoothly
• Advanced technology used to maximize profits
• 24/7 customer service
• HIPPA-accredited service
• Knowledge in procedural, diagnostic, and ASC coding


The team’s goal is to promote accuracy in coding so that you’ll have a decrease claim denial. To achieve this, every coding work is audited by experts. When you hire ACP Billing Services, you’ll not only have accurate codes, our services are also economical, transparent, have reduced risk, and use modernized revenue cycle.

Technology-enable coding solutions are used.

You can be at ease as ACP Billing Services uses the assistance of expert coders, audit service team, workflow technology, and Health Information Management (HIM) talent. We offer the following:
• Submission of insurance claims
• Resolving denied claims
• Customization of medical code levels
• Analysis and monitoring of your documentation
• Quicken EMR usage projects

ACP Billing Services is a trusted coding partner that will support your organization’s goals for high-quality performance by helping maintain your financial status.