Medical Billing

Is your Electronic Health Records (EHR) not enough to process your and organize you medical billing records? Then, try our ACP EHR that uses advanced technology to give you high quality medical billing services.

Why Choose ACP Billing Services ?

ACP Billing Services is an end-to-end medical billing management team of experts that uses high-end EHR software so you can be compensated more and in a quicker time. Our solutions are good for large groups and solo practitioners.
The goal of ACP Billing Services is to keep you financially fit, optimize your patient care management and schedule, and update your check-in and check-out more efficiently than your current EHR software.

Here’s What Awaits You!

With our expert physician billing team and ad-hoc with built-in reporting tools, you can have exact and timely billing, thus earning maximum reimbursement. Our experts will simplify billing for small, mid-sized or large practices. Here are the services we offer:

• Updated contract-negotiation and credentialing
• Review and Analysis of Fee Schedule
• Quick closure of your paid claims
• Immediate appeal for denied claims
• Day-to-day processing of primary and secondary claims
• Processing, Mailing, and Verification of Patient Statement
• Submission of Electronic and Paper Claims
• Recovering Old ARs
• Management reports
• Analysis of Insurance Aging Report
• Collection of claims and elimination of overdue balances

This extensive service is handed to you so that you no longer need to worry about collections. You’ll see an increase in your revenue within months of working with our experts. Give us a call now and we’ll discuss your needs.