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Located in Orlando Florida, ACP Billing Services is one of the best medical billing companies in Florida ACP Billing Services has over 13 years of experience in the medical billing industry. If you are running a practice in Florida and looking for a reputed and well experienced company to outsource your business to in Florida, then your search has ended here — As one of the leading medical billing companies ACP should be that partner for you. We serve physicians and physician groups not only in the state of Florida but in many states around the country.


  • ACP has a lot to offer after all the years of experience our company has we’re here to Render the best ever Services.
  • ACP provides end to end Revenue Cycle Management with Multi-specialty billing acting as a ONE STOP SHOP for all your billing requirements.
  • Medical billing and Coding experts at ACP are highly experienced and are familiar with every nook and crannies of billing and coding, translating to more efficiency and enhanced revenues for you.
  • Apart from the regular training and refresher sessions, our staff keeps themselves updated with the ever changing Trends in Medical Billing and Coding Industry.
  • ACP stringently follows security guidelines in order to protect confidentiality of patient information as mandated by HIPAA and we protect all our data through cloud storages, Firewall securities and Web protections.
  • We provide and maintain reports that show the performance and helps everyone maintain a sense of discipline in following systematic report updates to make sure we don’t miss out on anything.
  • When you outsource your medical billing to ACP, you can remain hassle free about any issues related to medical billing and focus more on your practice and patients.
  • While some companies may drop an initial bill on your heads, a few companies like ours will do it without any initial charges and give you a free trial plan too. Our billing services are affordable and efficient and we can assure you that you will receive our Gold Standard Quality Services where you will never have anything to complain about.


To speak to our billing experts, Just call our toll free number at 866-283-5504 or Write to us through our email – to know more about our services.