Electronic Medical Record

Nobody can deny the impact of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in healthcare. EMR system is used to improve the quality of healthcare and workflow. However, a recent survey found that only 4% of physicians have extensive, and functional use of EMR and 13% have the basic system. If you’re not part of the 4%, then you need not suffer anymore as ACP Billing Services free fully-functioning EMR.

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Features of the EMR

ACP Billing Services EMR follows the Institute of Medicine’s key functions for safety, efficiency, and quality.

• Access to patients information
• Up-to-date order entry provider
• Access to past and present test results
• Latest decision-support system
• Secured e-communication with providers and patients
• Access to health information resources and disease management tools
• Standardized electronic data storage
• Computerized admin procedures

ACP Billing Services will make it easier for you to receive and send details so you can work with much ease.

How to avail free EMR?

When you sign up with ACP Billing Services and avail up to 4% of the total collection, then you can get EMR free of cost. You can also have access to our Practice Management System.

Why is it free?

It relation to our goal of giving you the highest quality customer care, we’ll provide tools and systems to help billing more accurate and quicker. ACP Billing Services recognizes the importance of EMR in giving an error-free collection service. Here’s what it does:

• Identify patients due for visits
• Track data over a period
• Monitor patient’s records
• Improve quality of patient care