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Medical Billing   October 5, 2020


Denials are something that is least expected in anyway, and a denied medical claim is even more saddening. Denials can affect the system annually. An efficient denial management service is very important to tackle the issues relating to claims.

Below are a few factors that can help you Keep track of your claim denials better.

    1. Entering correct Patient information:

Billing systems are a difficult procedure, and involves collecting appropriate patient info. A simple mistake such as a misspelt name, or the age of a patient, can lead to claim denials. Double checking information, through constant checks and patient involvement can help reduce negative feedback.

    2. Accurate Documentation:

Attaching accurate information through proper documentation supplied by the clinic can minimize denials sufficiently. A support document is a sure shot way of ensuring your claim will be answered positively. One of the secrets of denial management is to ensure where we have gone wrong before and not repeat the mistake again, as in any other field. Having proper documentation of the denials, can give us an insight into the problems faced in those claims, and why they have been rejected in the first place. Recognizing key reasons for denials is the first step for denial management, and an experienced management service like ACP can help you handle this issue successfully.

    3. Using up-to date medical codes:

The world of medical coding has come a long way now. The new ICD-10 coding system has several characters and intricate details that need to be addressed when the claim is raised. Any small error in coding can lead to a mismatch in the treatment rendered and the codes entered, this is one of the major reasons for denials.

Medical Billing

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