AR Follow Up

How to manage accounts Receivable?

If you’re having trouble filing and tracking your claim status, then you run the risk of not receiving payments promised by your insurance company. Once you have failed in following standard AR management process and got stuck with unpaid claims, it’s time for you to avail AR calling service from Acp medical billing and coding services.

What We Have in Store For You?

Acp offer medical billing and coding services for patients across USA. Our AR calling team provides time-efficient and accurate analysis, follow-ups, and actions to make sure that your claims get paid.
Following Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA) Privacy regulations, we assure that every detail and information you share with us are protected. We also comply with Healthcare Billing and Management Association’s (HBMA) Program Guidance for Third Party Billing Company and strictly follow the issued Medical Billing and coding AR Manual to give you the most reliable service.

We apply web technology in every transaction so that our AR calling services are processed on-time and reported upon request.

AR Calling Services We Offer

• Contact doctor’s workplace to complete data of your bill
• Review work order and check status of your claims
• Ask for payment information if claim is processed
• Ask reason for denial and fix it if claim is denied
• Follow-up on your monthly statement
• Clarify insurance data given to you

Why You Should Choose Acp medical Billing and Coding Services?

  • We follow systematic work flow in getting claims.
  • We report on schedule.
  • AR calling team is experienced.
  • We offer our services at low costs.

We are available 24/7 and finish claims as soon as possible

AR follow up services